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About Us:

Earthworm Herbals was founded by nutritionist and herbalist Hila Kummins over twenty years ago. Hila researched and created these fine products in response to customer requests for help in healing difficult skin and health problems. Our most popular products are from our Eczema Skin Care Line, a comprehensive healing package for the treatment of eczema, a debilitating and often painful skin condition that affects millions of children and adults. The products in this collection are highly effective in treating a variety of skin problems, including psoriasis, dermatitis, cradle cap, fungus and dry itchy skin. They work to reduce itching and irritation and help promote new skin growth in a gentle, natural way. This has been demonstrated even in the most difficult cases in a short period of time. As of January 2011, Hila has retired and has trained Samara Yelle to continue providing the same quality products.

I am greatly saddened to inform you that I will be closing down due to personal and family reasons. Thank you for all your support. The last day I will be accepting orders is December 19, 2014.